The Team

Philip Bolus

Philip Bolus

Founder | Executive Producer
M. +34 670 604 406

British but Spain has been home since he was 12 years old. Growing up bilingual not only in speech but also in thought Philip’s natural creativity & entrepreneurial flair soon started him searching for “offbeat” ways to make a living and have fun.

Music was a first love & in his early twenties Philip was promoting the 1st ever Stevie Wonder concert in Spain and went on to promote major stadium concerts with the likes of Queen, Tina Turner, Genesis, Rod Stewart as well as running smaller international bands through the university cities of Southern Spain. Lot’s of stories to tell, but alas he’s the king of discretion.

In the 1992 Universal Expo in Sevilla, employed by the Spanish Government, he organised the main music & live events after which he joined his brother’s production service company learning the ropes from location manager to producing.

Philip started goodgate Spain in 2003. After producing a 12 day shoot all over South America for a German client, he opened goodgate Argentina in 2006, followed by Chile in 2012 & Lisbon in 2016.

The secret is finding the right people with the right motivation he says “put that together & the rest follows”.

We can advise on where best suits your project & budget rather than trying to make something work where it doesn’t really fit!

Tighter budgets & shorter lead time mean that we have to be more flexible & creative, thinking outside of the box. Having a full time, in house Los Angeles based bidding producer / head of production means that we can help counteract the time restraints by making the time zones work for us rather than against us!

Cristobal Sotomayor

Cristobal Sotomayor

Partner | Executive Producer
T. +56 9 98 795 970

After almost two decades of experience in theatre, commercials, film and TV, from helping the camera department, to video assist, Cristobal became one of the top 1st AD’s in Chile before deciding to switch to producing.

As a partner and senior producer of goodgate Chile he has produced for some of the most renowned directors & production companies in the world both in South America & Spain.

Cristobal shows a very creative approach for the endless production challenges he faces every day which combined with his knack to assemble the right team for each job, ensures that his enthusiasm & passion is felt from the top all the way down the rungs.

Fiercely proud of his industry he strives to always better the service we can offer our “guests”. “Chile has come forward in leaps & bounds in all aspects of production service from casting to equipment and our practiced understanding of what is expected”.It is a huge advantage that he also produces in Spain & knows how crews work there.

A seasoned traveller he’s always on the lookout for what he can learn from & bring back to production at home.

Working with our local competitors Cristobal is a major force in the negotiations & discussions with central Government, local authorities & the Chilean Film Commission to forge the way for a smoother & more efficient ongoing film experience in Chile.

Alexandra Chamberlain

Alexandra Chamberlain

L.A. Based Head of Production
M. +1 323 559 9151

Alexandra Chamberlain has been working her magic for a solid decade or two, as Exec. Producer, Head of Production & Bid Producer for top US production companies.

Through years of experience, she has extensive knowledge in planning a successful production, starting with a comprehensive bid, then gathering the right team and crew to make it happen.  She remembers well, that when faced with overseas productions, lots of assurances needed to be made.

“It takes a seasoned service company to garner the kind of trust needed to move a project offshore. With goodgate  it was always a pleasant production and our Directors and Producers came back happy.”

A long time client of goodgate she was a perfect fit for their international team.  She says:

“When clients leave their normal production zone for a foreign country, we have to deliver the high caliber production, talent, crew, locations and equipment to which they are accustomed. Our producers understand that quality of production and insist on it from the bidding stage into production.  Philip has created a passionate group of thinkers and doers, who love the craft of international filmmaking. I couldn’t ask for more in a team and I’m so happy to be part of this adventure.”

Isa Llorente

Isa Llorente

Senior Producer
T. +54 911 6128 4688

Isa Llorente has produced over 100 projects for goodgate.  First living and working for us in Argentina, she is now back to her roots and living with her family in Madrid.  As with all of our producers, she travels regularly between our shoot countries:  Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.  She has a wealth of experience and passion that she brings to each project. She has a knack of knowing how to resolve problems quickly and is very resourceful, no matter the situation.

She’s navigated ice bergs in glacier lakes, dealt with customs officials in Bolivia, kept her cool in 40º surrounded by 100’s of mirrors in Toledo, wrangled  llamas in Argentina and driven a lighting truck in Montevideo!

Oriol Rodríguez

Oriol Rodríguez

T. +34 657 948 272

International service production is a business of quick thought, perception and skilled decision making.  Over the years I have enjoyed using my skills with enthusiasm & motivation to navigate our swiftly changing industry. At goodgate I have produced in both South America & Europe. You can fly me anywhere and I will figure out the best production team and approach. I’m known for always keeping things on an even keel with a smile on my face.  I think it’s amazing when a bunch of multi-national people can get together and make a great production.  So often it’s not only a great finished piece, but the lasting friendships are a major part of the reward.

Magdalena Roman

Magdalena Roman

Head of Production – Spain
T. +34 65 566 0005

Magdalena, Polish by birth, lived in Germany for 8 years & then moved to Spain in 2009 with her DOP husband. Her first years in the business were in front of the camera as a model & actress before moving on to direct commercials in both Europe & Russia. She speaks six languages (Polish, Russian, German, English, Romanian & Spanish) but her real strength is in visual language. She has a rare insight into how to translate creative ideas to a top production level, making the director / agency vision her priority, even when working within todays challenging budgets & time constraints.

Cristian Rossi

Cristian Rossi

Bidding Producer – Chile
T.  +56 9 64880209

I’ve been dedicated to working in production since 2008 and feel lucky to work in an industry that strives to make people happy through the means of art.

My strong professional relationships, both local and international, have helped me grow in diverse areas of production. Throughout the years, I’ve learned how much I love making connections with clients and being part of the initial process of turning ideas into something concrete. Since 2016 I have focused most closely on the bidding process for production services with clients from all over the world. I am always aiming to build deep professional connections that last.

I am a hard-working nerd, always in search of new challenges. It makes me proud to work with a team that is incredibly professional, has a clear focus, and is devoted to turning the dreams of creatives, producers, and directors into reality.

Alejandro Fernandez

Alejandro Fernandez

Producer – Chile
T. +56 9 9655 9017

Alejandro started in 1998 as a Production Assistant. Over the years he’s worked with theater, TV, live shows, the music industry, documentaries, film and commercials as a Production Coordinator, a Production Manager, a Line Producer, and Executive Producer for important local and foreign production companies. The professional experience he’s gained in these past 20 years has helped him learn the ins and outs of the business. He feel privileged to have had the opportunity to travel thousands miles throughout Chile and explore its wonderful locations.


Brian Cook

Brian Cook is best known as first assistant director and producer to major Hollywood directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Michael Cimino, Sean Penn, Robert Benton, John McTiernan, And Brian De Palma. More recently, he produced and directed “Colour me Kubrick” Starring John Malkovich. Both Cook and Needham have felt for some time that the poor quality of service the have received on various movies they have shot in the regions has left a gap for a first class, honest and hard working service company with the best contacts, crews and facilities.

Terry Needham

Terry Needham has spent fifteen years working as first assistant director and producer for Ridley Scott. He also worked as first assistant director for Stanley Kubrick and most recently with the Wachowski Brothers, Alfonso Cuaron and Chris Weiss. Cook and Needham’s unrivaled expertise in world wide film production creates the perfect marriage with Bolus’s knowledge in the TV and commercials field.