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For the international film industry, Spain is a very competitive and profitable destination. Our internationally renowned professionals and the diversity of our locations, reinforced by the new tax framework that substantially improves the incentive system, make Spain a benchmark for international audiovisual.

In May 2020 the refund percentage was increased from 20% to 30% for the first million euros of deductible expenses and 25% for the rest of the expenses in Spain, and is capped to 10 million Euros. Expenses for creative staff (with tax residence in Spain or in another EU member State) to a limit of 100.000 euros per person.

Canary Islands refund percentage it’s placed at 40%

We readying to shoot with total guarantees, unifying our shoot protocols with those brought by production teams from their own countries.

The incentives are accessed via the Spanish service production company.

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There is a cash rebate of up to 25% on foreign productions filmed in Uruguay including commercials with a budget of a minimum 250K USD. There is also an exemption from local VAT for all foreign productions, including commercials, filmed inside of Uruguay: this exemption applies to all major services, rentals & purchases. However, there may be some minor items that are outside this ruling.

Local expenditure inside of Uruguay of 600K – 1M USD receives a 20% rebate up to a maximum of 200K USD / Local expenditure of 1M plus USD receives a rebate of 25% up to a maximum of 400K USD.

These rebates are accessed by the local service production company.

Panama has a 25% rebate for all foreign productions of over 500K USD, local spend, filmed in Panama including TV commercials.

Each production is capped at 25M USD.

There is also a special agreement that allows for all technical equipment under temporary export into Panama to be expedited within 24 hours & to be exempt from all local customs duties.

These incentives are accessed via the Panamanian service production company.


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